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I am
too small to fail.

Since 20 years my goal is to do one thing: I want to create awesome designs and engaging ideas for good brands and great clients. And I have been around long enough to know that relationships, trust, reliability and quality are more valuable than agency size and fancy locations. Do you agree?

Do large agencies guarantee security, quality and results? Maybe; sometimes. But not always! Fact is: the big fish do not move fast enough in the water. We all know the challenges of large structures, where anything becomes complicated, expensive and slow! In fact, I often get calls to fix the problems for "established" agencies, inhouse marketing units and other experts. The world spins fast and so do employees. But persistance, creative thinking and handcraft skills remain, even in the age of AI, a primary asset to any project. That's why small, specialized units like BUERGY and trust-based relationships work so well.

BUERGY has intentially remained small in size and has taken the other, less crowded road since the foundation in 2012. What's in it for you? If you hire me, you get the full package and I bring along a team of trusted specialists if you need it. You get a skillset for the exact needs of your project demands. You do not have to explain things twice. And you don't waste your time and/or money. What count's are the results and the ambition not to fail - and so far, this attitude seems to work pretty well for BUERGY. That's why I can tell you that I am "too small to fail".

Who are you?

Are you my new corporate client?

You're stuck with your team, stuck with your agency or stuck with anything else in life and need some Jedi-level creative skills and thinking? Then reach out and get in touch. It won't hurt as bad as the alternative. 


Are you from an agency and semi-desperate?

Trying to "wow" your client but can't do it with the resident crew? Book me now and I infuse the speed into your team while providing the expert hands and brain you need to achieve your goal.


Are you an independent professional?

You are ambitious, minded and you would rather die than miss a deadline? You like to challenge patterns and explore unknown territory? The let's connect and bond. We might become friends forever, who knows?