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We are too
small to fail!

Over the years, we've been constantly building on the principles that got us started – working on great brands for great clients. And we've been around long enough to know that the business is not only about size - but about people, trustful relationships and quality work.

There is this notion that large companies represent security, quality and sophistication. But we believe that bigger is not always better! Large structures often suffer from increased latency in service and higher cost; a collateral risk. Moreover, the world is spinning rapidly and tasks are getting specialized. That's why we believe that the future belongs to small, special force units operating in loosely organized networks. BUERGY GmbH is one of them. Passionate about the digital and creative industries with the goal to create best-in-breed design and quality work.

We decided since day 1 to take the other, less crowded road and stay rather small: Due to this, our approach is slightly different because we create a team of trusted specialists to execute each individual project - based on the exact needs and skills it requires. This strategy allows us to focus on our skills, coordinating talents from other disciplines and working with the best people in their respective fields. It's the attempt to offer services of a superior quality, in a lean company structure to focus our energy on a precise goal. So far, this has worked for us! And our corporate and agency clients like it. That's why we say we are "too small to fail".

Sounds good to you?

Corporate clients

If you are a corporate client and you want direct access to quality work and lean structures you should get in touch. We’ve honed our visual design skills to near Jedi level and take pride in knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what will push the envelope and pay off.


Agency clients

If you are an agency trying to wow your client, we can help you achieve the vision. You don't have enough hours in the day? Or need a fresh style to achieve your creative goals? Relax, knowing that you have BUERGY on your team - the extra set of expert hands you need.



We value the nature of collaborative partnerships, they give us the opportunity to improve and challenge ourselves every day. If you are similar to us, we should meet today.