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I am
too small to fail.

I have been motivated for the last 20 years to do one thing: work on great brands for great clients. I've been around long enough to know that people, trust and quality work matter more than size.

Do large companies represent security, quality and sophistication? Maybe. But bigger sometimes means slow, complicated and lacking imagination! In fact, I often get called in to fix the problems for marketing units, inhouse teams and other agencies. The world spins fast and tasks are increasingly specialized, which is why small, special units in loosely organized networks function so well.

BUERGY GmbH has intentially taken this other, less crowded road since 2012. What's in it for you? I work how and when I work best with a team of specialists I trust, bought together for the exact needs and skills your project demands. I deliver superior services in a lean company so I can focus energy on a precise goal. So far, it seems to have worked pretty well because my corporate and agency clients are happy. That's why I can tell you I am "too small to fail".

Sounds good to you?

Are you a corporate client?

Looking for Jedi level digital design skills? You should get in touch.


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Trying to wow your client? You have the expert hands to achieve the vision with BUERGY on your team.


Are you an independent professional?

Do you challenge patterns and inspire? Let's connect and bond.