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BUERGY is a design studio in the sweet spot between design, visual art and communication - with a strong focus on digital media. This is my playground and I’ve trained my visual design skills to near Jedi-level over the last 25 years.

BUERGY GmbH is a multi-disciplinary studio, specialised in creativity and aesthetically driven brand communications. My services encompass high-end design, ui/ux, advertising, graphic design and creative consulting. I believe creative work can only happen with passion and commitment; and this is demonstrated with a powerful portfolio that spans two decades and a wide range of clients from many different industries. My customers value the direct access to quality work, efficiency and the extremely lean company structure of a one-man-show. And this is exactly what you get. I take pride knowing what works, what doesn’t and what will push the envelope and pay off for your project.

My strength lies in straight thinking, hands-on design, creative direction and "getting the job done" which I define as "curating the big picture" from end-to-end across any customer journey. While my range of activities constantly evolves, BUERGY's ethos does not: My ambition is to create kick-ass ideas, solid concepts and awesome designs which truly engage audiences - regardless of touchpoint, media or discipline. I am still eager to explore and evolve; and that's why I rely on world-class partners to combine my creative work with rock solid execution. If you like what you read here, you should get in touch.

What I do

Creative Consulting

Creative concept

Creative strategy

Channel agnostic ideation

Visual brand audits & reviews

Digital Design

Digital creation and consulting

UX & interaction design

Motion design

Physical design solutions

Communiction Design

Cross media ideation

Advertising concepts

Branding & Identity

Content creation

What I don't do

I don't work for a**holes.
Mutual respect is one of the cornerstones of humanity and every successful collaboration. I can roll with high-demand, I can navigate tight deadlines, I can handle high expectations...and I will fight like a wolf on steroids to make your project successful. But abusive behaviour and disrespect is a deal breaker. You are fired! 

I don't do unpaid pitches.
Creativity, experience and know-how are the most valuable assets in my line of work and I can't give them away for free. If you are design and idea shopping or if you want to accumulate possible strategies and gather input for your next project we might not fit well. Let's have a coffee instead and talk about the project first. I'll also let my perspective on some market realities.

I don't do things half way
There are many myths about creative work. Fact is: It's 99% hard work and 1% talent to comit to hard work. And that's why my genetic cells don't allow me to do things halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths or just "to get an idea". That mean, that if I'm going to do something I will go all the way. Even if it hurts. If that's not okay for you, I am sorry.

Team & Partners

Most of them are not pretty, but pretty awesome.

BUERGY is fundamentally a creative services studio. The primary goal is to combine visual art and tech with smart thinking to create meaningful experiences. That's why I blend my expertise with a network of experts from other areas.

Multiple Advertising Agencies
from all over Switzerland

Morgans AG

von Merz GmbH

Tom Schrämli
The digital Expert

viu ag
Sitecore Development

youengeneering ag
Craft Development

Typo3 Development


Die Schwedin.
Social Media Consulting

Trenders GmbH
Consulting, Advertising & Media

Gnocchi GmbH
Digital Marketing

edprojects AG

Get in touch

Let’s bond over coffee and get the job done.

+41 78 830 97 09