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About Us

We sit in the sweet spot between design, visual art
and communication with a strong focus on digital media.
This is our playground.

BUERGY GmbH is a multi-disciplinary creative studio; our service encompasses high-end design, ux, advertising, graphics and visual art. We believe creative work only happens with passion and commitment; and this is demonstrated by a portfolio that spans two decades working with a wide range of clients from a wide range of industries. Our clients value direct access to quality work and efficiency, enjoying our lean company structure.

While our range of activities constantly evolves, BUERGY's ethos does not: Our ambition is to create kick-ass ideas, solid concepts and awesome designs which truly engage audiences - regardless of touchpoint, media or discipline. Because we are eager to explore and try new things we we have an extensive specialist network with whom we combine our creative work for rock solid execution. If you like what you read here, you should get in touch.

What we do


Creative direction

Creative strategy

Channel agnostic ideation

Audits & reviews


Branding & identity


Digital marketing



UX & interaction design

Visual & graphic design

Motion design

Physical design

What we don't do

We don’t do unpaid pitches.
Creativity and know-how are our most precious assets and we don't give them away for free.

We don’t party in Cannes.
We prefer a good bottle of champagne at home and spend your money on your project.

We don't work for a****les.
Trust, honetsy and respect are basic conditions for successful work. So let's treat each other with respect.

Our Partners

Most of them are not pretty, but pretty awesome.

BUERGY is fundamentally a creative services company. Our primary goal is to blend visual art and tech with smart thinking to create meaningful experiences. We depend on a collaborative approach which allows us to blend our expertise with amazing experts in other areas, carefully selected from our network.

Ellektra Ltd.

Morgans AG

Video Production

viu ag
Sitecore Development

Django Development

Typo3 Development

MySign AG

Republica AG
Advertising Agency

Die Schwedin.
Social Media Consulting

Schrämli Consulting

Before and After

Get in touch

Let’s bond over coffee and get the job done.

+41 78 830 97 09